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Ashiatsu The Best Massage on the Planet

Updated: Nov 19, 2019


Providing pain Relief and reducing stress through Ashiatsu massage is one of the many modalites I do Best.

The extreme sigh of release after each session will be your normal with this Massage Art.

Ashisatus infused with the Hawaiian Lomi flow if its not already, once you try, it will be your go to for the ultimate pain release. A combination beautifully expressed by me alone.

Established in 2009, At Spa Healing has been thriving and becoming diverse in various art forms. Ashiatsu had been The best decision to include in the many forms of massage arts I've practice.

As owner of At Spa Healing and being a healer at the Spa, I yearn to dive deeper into the art of Massage Therapy.

As an Massage Instructor, teaching others who have training under their belts or inspiring your everyday person desiring to enhance their healing instinct brings me great joy.

Ashi What / What is Ashiatsu?

In Japanese Ashi means foot and atsu means pressure. It is a style of massage ministered with the feet being your primary tool. It's excellent for releasing tension built up over the years and alleviating deep tissue aches and pains. Overhead parallel bars are used for balance and support and great for giving the therapist that much needed stretch.

Origins and History Ashiatsu has been practiced for thousands of years and originated in the East Asian countries of India, China, Japan, and Thailand.

Why Feet? The polished arch and broad surface of the feet are exquisite tools for applying massage in a way that's both therapeutically effective and thoroughly relaxing.

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