• Jasmin King

How to Lax and Relax

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Ever wandered about the word play of relax. I mean re literally means to repeat.

So how can one relax if one does not even know how to lax?

Lax or rather being in a lax state means to be loose not tense. This is why yoga

has become such apart of our everyday american culture. It's an art that helps you to reflect,

center and ground self.

We go about our everyday lives, with out partners, children and responsibilities and naturally

tension builds in our bodies. Mostly because if not entirely, I dare to say, because our minds

are mentally drained due to our everyday task.

As a massage therapist I put into practice what I preach. I BOLDLY share how I lax.

I first meditate. Mediate is to engage in thought or reflect.

REFLECTION is huge for me. For me God over ever thing. This takes so much off of my shoulders.

When I allow God to be my center and evolve around what my faith in my higher power promises me, and train my thought process to ponder that his promises are yes and amen, my shoulders naturally lets go. Ahhh...thank heaven. This is a practice I put in use daily. This is my art form. It works. I suggest try it for yourself and see.

Jasmin King LMT/LMTI

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